Vistra is guided by four core principles: we do business the right way, we work as a team, we compete to win, and we care about our stakeholders, including our customers, our communities where we work and live, our employees, and our investors.


For key information and a primary point of contact for Connecticut, please contact our Government affairs team.

VST In Connecticut

Whether it’s our commitment to reduce carbon emissions, our focus on customer choice, or our belief in corporate transparency, we want you to know Vistra is powering a better way forward in Connecticut.


In Connecticut, Vistra has 1,427 MW of generating capacity from two gas plants, and 45 employees serving the state. Additionally, we contributed millions of dollars in property tax to Connecticut communities in 2021.

Key Issues

Vistra takes a leadership role in various advocacy efforts, providing a crucial perspective for all of our stakeholders.

Vistra in Connecticut

Our family of companies is proud to support the communities where our employees and customers live, work, and grow. We take pride in being a good neighbor, and strengthening the places where we have customers, where our valued employees live, and where we call home.

Employees: 45

Services Provided:

  • Electric Generation

Generation Facilities:

Total: 2 facilities @ 1,424 MW (net capacity)

Listing by Fuel Type:

  • Natural Gas: 2 facilities @ 1,424 MW (net capacity)

Our Brands in Connecticut


Vistra is a leading Fortune 500 integrated retail electricity and power generation company that combines an innovative, customer-centric approach to retail with safe, reliable, diverse, and efficient power generation.



Sano Blocker
senior vice president, government affairs


Rebekah Hamilton Kay
director, government & political affairs

Key Issues

Renewable Generation

We understand that the generation methods of today will not always be the generation methods of tomorrow.

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We believe in pursuing economic and appropriate opportunities to integrate new generation technologies and approaches into the grid. We further believe that in competitive areas, such technologies or approaches should be backed by private investment and not subject to market distorting mandates or public subsidization.


We believe in operating our company and facilities in a clean and environmentally friendly manner. As such, we will always comply with existing environmental regulations.

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We further believe that any new environmental laws and regulations should be targeted, based on sound science, and that their costs be commensurate with the benefits obtained. Environmental reporting should be based on actual measured data, consolidated as much as possible and should not create an undue compliance burden.