Vistra is guided by four core principles: we do business the right way, we work as a team, we compete to win, and we care about our stakeholders, including our customers, our communities where we work and live, our employees, and our investors.


For key information and a primary point of contact for Pennsylvania, please contact our Government affairs team.

Vistra In PA

Whether it’s our commitment to reduce carbon emissions, our focus on customer choice, or our belief in corporate transparency, we want you to know Vistra is powering a better way forward in Pennsylvania.


Vistra (NYSE: VST) combines an innovative, customer-centric approach to retail with a focus on safe, reliable, and efficient power generation. Through our retail subsidiaries, Vistra provides retail electric products to Pennsylvania consumers.

Key Issues

Vistra takes a leadership role in various advocacy efforts, providing a crucial perspective for all of our stakeholders.

Vistra in Pennsylvania

Vistra’s integrated retail and generation divisions operate under multiple brands in Pennsylvania. Our family of companies is proud to support the communities where our employees and customers live, work, and grow. We take pride in being a good neighbor, and strengthening the places where we have customers, where our valued employees live, and where we call home.

Services Provided:

  • Retail Electric
  • Retail Natural Gas
  • Electric Generation

Retail Customer Classes Served:

  • Residential
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Large Commercial & Industrial
  • Government / Public


Beaver Valley, Shippingport (CD 17, SD 47, HD 15); 1,872 MW, nuclear; 677 employees

Fayette, Masontown (CD 14, SD 32, HD 51); 726 MW, gas; 23 employees

Liberty, Eddystone (CD 5, SD 9, HD 159); 607 MW, gas, 25 employees

Ontelaunee, Reading (CD 4, SD 29, HD 5); 600 MW, gas, 23 employees

Harrisburg, Harrisburg, (CD 10, SD 15, HD 103); Regional Office, 2 employees

King of Prussia, King of Prussia, (CD 4, SD 17, HD 149); Regional Office, 11 employees

Our Brands in Pennsylvania


Vistra is a leading Fortune 500 integrated retail electricity and power generation company that combines an innovative, customer-centric approach to retail with safe, reliable, diverse, and efficient power generation.


Dynegy delivers simple, price-protected retail electricity plans throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.


Ambit is the largest energy-focused direct seller in America, with an impressive network of independent consultants.


Pennsylvania Gas & Electric is your one-stop shop for electricity with fixed-rate plans and extensive rewards.


Public Power, a retail electricity supplier, proudly powers homes and businesses across Pennsylvania.


With Brighten Energy, you can power your home or business with a 100% renewable electricity plan. It’s never been easier to help make a greener, cleaner tomorrow.



Colin Fitzsimmons
director, government affairs


Sano Blocker
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

Key Issues

Competitive Markets

We believe in the power of competition to spark innovation and unleash customer benefits and value.

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As such, we believe that markets should be allowed to function freely with minimal oversight and regulated only to the extent needed to ensure a fair and equitable treatment of market participants and customers.

Customer Protections

We believe that customers should be protected against bad actors in the market.

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As such, we believe that customer protection regulations should provide relief to customers in these situations. We believe that customer protections should be structured in such a way that does not inhibit innovation, prevent fair business practices or punish good actors operating in good faith.

Limited Income & Vulnerable Group Protections

We believe that certain groups of customers may require greater assistance and/or protections than other classes.

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Among these are limited income, elderly, and medical critical care customers. We support public and private programs to assist these customers with their energy needs and protections to ensure they have the energy they need to prevent life-threatening conditions.

EV & EV Infrastructure:

Vistra supports the adoption of electric vehicles and the build out of EV infrastructure, including charging stations.

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Vistra believes that EVs and EV infrastructure are competitive products and should be provided through the competitive market. While Vistra does not support subsidization of competitive products in general, if legislative or regulatory action is taken to provide out-of-market support to EVs or EV infrastructure Vistra believes that these out-of-market actions should be targeted, time limited and done outside of utility rates.

Out-of-Market Subsidies

We believe that the competitive market works best without outside interference. Out-of-market subsidies run counter to a well-functioning competitive electricity market.

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We recognize, however, that it is not always possible to avoid subsidies for various policy or political reasons. Therefore, should subsidies be implemented, we believe that such subsidies should be targeted, technology neutral, time limited and phased out as the rationale for the subsidized item becomes obsolete.

Traditional Generation

We believe that coal, natural gas, nuclear and other “traditional” electric generation facilities continue to have a role to play in generating safe, reliable and secure power to customers.

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We believe these facilities operate best in competitive markets as part of a broad generation portfolio.

Renewable Generation

We understand that the generation methods of today will not always be the generation methods of tomorrow.

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We believe in pursuing economic and appropriate opportunities to integrate new generation technologies and approaches into the grid. We further believe that in competitive areas, such technologies or approaches should be backed by private investment and not subject to market distorting mandates or public subsidization.


We believe in operating our company and facilities in a clean and environmentally friendly manner. As such, we will always comply with existing environmental regulations.

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We further believe that any new environmental laws and regulations should be targeted, based on sound science, and that their costs be commensurate with the benefits obtained. Environmental reporting should be based on actual measured data, consolidated as much as possible and should not create an undue compliance burden.