• Competitive Retail in 5 States (IL, MA, OH, PA, TX)
  • Competitive Wholesale / Generation in 12 States (CA, CT, IL, MA, ME, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, VA, WV)


  • Retail: TXU Energy, 4Change Energy, Express Energy, Dynegy, Homefield, Brighten
  • Generation: Luminant


  • ~5,400 employees located at our corporate headquarters in Irving, TX; 8 regional offices; and over 65 generation facilities and mines across the U.S.


  • We provide electricity to ~2.9 million customers across the US representing ~71 TWh of load.

Vistra Assets:

Generation Facilities:

  • Vistra Energy owns or operates approximately 60 facilities across the U.S. representing 40.5 GW of net generating capacity across a diverse set of generation technologies.
Facilities Map:
Facilities Detail:
Fuel Type Coal* Gas Nuclear Oil Solar Storage** Total
Count 15 38 1 3 1 2 60
Net Capacity (MW) 13,235 24,595 2,300 258 180 310 40,878

*Includes the Northeastern coal facility in McAdoo Pennsylvania (52 MW) that is scheduled to be closed Q4’18.

**Includes the Texas battery storage facility in Upton county (10 MW) scheduled to go live Q4’18 and the Moss Landing battery project in Oakland, CA (300 MW) scheduled to go live Q4’20 pending regulatory approvals.